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Best places to go manhunting in Melbourne?

by annep (follow)
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Last night, during a party, two of my friends complained with me about their single status. At first, the idea hit me as totally absurd. I mean, there they were, two attractive and successful women in their late twenties. If they had problems finding a guy, then what would happen to the rest of us? But after a few drinks and some stories telling, I had to admit they were right.

As much as I hate to accept that there is any truth in the "man drought" myth, the reality is that it is getting harder and harder to find a single eligible man in Melbourne these days. Most of the hot guys around seem to be taken, or worse, gay. Not that I'm discriminating, honestly, I really enjoy chatting with my gay friends. It's just that when the male : female ratio is not very promising, the fact that we are having to compete with men as well as other women in the dating game is putting more pressure on the struggle. And the elusive single guys, if we happen to find them, appear to enjoy their single status so much that trying to get them to commit is almost impossible unless you are ready to put a gun to their heads. Gone are the days when women can have their picks of their suitors, these days we have to resort to speed dating and online matchmaking in hope of finding Mr. Right. And yet, the chance of finding a one-night-stand is still a lot higher than the chance of getting a real relationship.

So, what do you think? Where should we go to find a man who is good-looking, caring and trustworthy? You know, the type of men with whom we can hope for a possible "happily ever after" instead of worrying about our prince turning into a frog come early morning.

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A lot of my friends, when asked this question, suggested public places such as: parties, weddings, libraries, café, gyms, etc. But none thought of church as a potential place to find a date. Maybe they imagined single men would have more interesting things to do than going to church? Also, just to be on the safe side, you can try sports clubs, tech shops, or even universities. Any places that have more men than women, basically.
Still, according to a few of my acquaintances who are happily married (lucky them!!!), your best bet would be weddings (friends of the groom?), parties, or workplace (I wonder if they mean office romance?). Maybe there is something there that makes the men more amenable to the idea of settling down? Because just this evening, my roommate complained with me again about another of her unsuccessful attempt. "All the good men are gay", she said. It's amazing how this girl gets so disappointed with her fellow Australian men. Obviously, it seems that our male counterparts are so spoilt for choice that some of them find the future of a marriage as attractive as having a gun to their head.

Church - no kidding - you would be surprised! There are many women I have that have "enviable" lifestyles with a man with all the qualities you speak of above - these men are professionals/good looking/loving/family men etc. etc. and then I find out they actually go to church! You don't have to be religious to go to church. It can be very peaceful and give you a sense of "belonging" and you never know your luck! I know women that have found gorgeous husbands there. Otherwise, do something you love - join a tennis/wine/bush walking club/whatever interests you and the man of your dreams who shares the same interest could be there waiting for someone as lovely as you!
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