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Do you like the Myki card for the transport system in Melbourne?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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Innovation is great, but Myki has been experiencing a few hiccups. Do you like the new system? What are the benefits or drawbacks in your experience? Does it save time and/or money?

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Top Answers
I have an infrequent use of the Myki cards and is pretty much limited to weekend usage, with few exceptions. I have found Myki to be rather convenient, economical, easy to use, easy to to up and keep track of my activity online. I like it!
Don't like it at all, I think for the infrequent public transport traveller it is a pointless piece of plastic, particularly bad for tourists to Melbourne only visiting for a few days
I've grown to like it, at the start I didn't like it because their system was always breaking down (free ride?). Now it's more steady and I quite like it, you can even recharge on the bus if you absolutely have no money left in your myki.
by WSW
As a regular public transport user, I have grown used to Myki. However, I don't appreciate how expensive Myki is as opposed to Metcard along with the annoying difference between Myki money and Myki pass.
by joya.
I agree with EricaL. From another State, and as an irregular user, I purchased Metcards which expired before I used them, then bought Myki by driving to get it, Then it didn't work - three times, inc once when it worked when I got on but not when I reached destination. I disembarked rather than keep trying. Now I've got an email saying it's due to expire. What a pain! I'm glad you can now recharge on the bus. Can you do that on a tram too?
I love Myki, I don't travel often but I love not having to worry about getting a ticket every time I want to travel and having to make sure I have money. For family who don't come from Melbourne I suggest sharing the card around. Its great. Maybe a universal system for Australia would be a good move!

Now I am a senior, love the free rides I get on saturday and sunday, love the convenience and touch wood have not had a problem as yet. jo jo
I used Myki for the first time last week It cost us $30 dollars just for the cards two that is and then $8.00 for fares. Plus the tram ride was a shocker the driver just didn't no how to take of from a stand still It was full throttle every time. I had a very bad fall left black and blue and so did other passengers And we pay for this I had my three and four year old grandchildren with me It was there first and last tram ride IT was reported. by jumpers.
Myki is inconvenient for a large number of people - unless you're using the card every day, it's more of a hassle and deterrent to use public transport.
1 has to like it, as there's no other choice! Seniors get free rides on Sundays, so it's worth going out the the galleries on Sundays, except for the crowds!
by Miro
P.S.: The Opal card in Sydney is a lot cheaper to use for seniors than the Myki seniors card in Melbourne!
by Miro
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