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Should Melbourne Trains run 24 hours a day?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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Recently there has been a debate about running the Metro Trains 24 hours a day i.e. continue the service through the night.

Melbourne trains

Do you think Melbourne needs the train services in the extended hours of the night?

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Top Answers
Absolutely. Melbourne is a tourist destination, and not all tourists arrive a time which suits the rest of the city. Having access to transport is important, not only for tourists but for locals as well.
Fares would increase massively due to the enormous wages the unions wld demand (and strike) for this luxury. Train drivers, Signal Operations, Security, Cleaners, Electricity costs wld be horrendous!
The opportunity for idiots to further vandalise carriages, ripping up seats, vomitting their booze soaked spew, urinating & defecating on carriage floors & seats, as well as launching attacks to assault and rape lone passengers wld increase ten fold! The increased opportunity to use the trains to sell and take drugs wld be immense!
Once off the trains, these drunk morons wld likely continue destruction on residential streets, or get into cars parked at stations to drunk-drive home, so increasing traffic accidents and possibly death.
NO, I definitely think the trains need NOT run 24hrs.
I would like trains to run ON TIME, without cancellations, and to run every 10-12 minutes, instead of waiting 20-40 minutes between trains on the very badly operated Sandringham line which has the OLDEST, most vandalised and dirtiest trains in Melbourne.
Tourists do not expect 24 hr trains/public transport. Tourists do expect taxi availability, although tourists usually stay in hotels.
IF you plan yr evenings properly (and do not get drunk), the current transport is more than adequate, when it operates - and that is the crux of the problem.
NightRider buses still operate. Plan yr outing properly in advance. Learn where taxi ranks are located after mid-night, pre-book yr taxi. If taking the NightRider bus, pre-book yr taxi to meet you where you alight. Why not book into an hotel for the night? There is no good reason for anyone to be still wandering around town at 3, 4 or 5 am bleeting there is not train for their private use. Clearly, you have NOT thought this thru. Grow Up - your demand is selfish.
Next you will want shops & restaurants open 24/7 in case you feel hungry, or decide to buy shoes at 4am.

I think the option should definitely be explored. I can't even imagine being stranded in the city at night if that was to ever happen. The other options are expensive (cab, etc.)
Absolutely! I'd love for the trains to run for 24 hours a day. Not only because sometimes I am out late in the city, but also because it's hard to get places early! The trains don't start again until after 5am. This means I can't book any flights until after 7:30am... Hard to fly somewhere in time for a 9am start. Also hard to get across the city for a 7am start.

they wouldn't have to go often through the night, but one an hour would be great.
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